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2 years ago

the prevention of brazilian remy hair dandruff strategies


      Scalp because the frame's most crucial command and manipulate center - brazilian front lace wig survival "soil", its vulnerability and sensitivity can be imagined. Scalp problems cannot be discounted, it's also the want for health control, most effective to scalp a complete, systematic, scientific conditioning renovation, if you want to get rid of the first oil scalp from the roots, maintaining the scalp wholesome norm.brazilian full lace wig is under 100.

      mainly, the scalp health control particularly consists of 3 parts: First, grasp the best method of shampoo; the second one is to broaden properly behavior; third is to do each day scalp care. for this reason, with a view to achieve improvement inside the health of the scalp.brazilian hair extensions are so great and beautiful.


2 years ago

the type of brazilian virgin remy hair


      1. Dry dandruff: dandruff, also known as wig. Is dead skin cells and sweat fashioned. Small white block, the human body without harm, no scent, no itch.brazilian front lace wig is great.

      2. Oily dandruff: dandruff this is authentic. Is lifeless skin cells and oil composition, odor, sense itchy, granular. probable to cause brazilian front lace wig loss or scalp infections and seborrheic folliculitis.

      3. Pathological dandruff: changed into chunks, large sheet. it is usually due to the chemical composition of the damage, or the frame because of a critical loss of certain trace elements.


 third, the purpose for the formation of dandruff

      Dandruff is a scalp ecological stability has been induced damage. In fact, a healthful scalp "environment" is the balance maintained through the three - oil, micro organism and metabolic balance. while the scalp oil secretion imbalance, scalp may be out of oil and come to be greasy; whilst the scalp environment plants imbalance, dangerous bacteria multiply, head itch phenomenon takes place; whilst the metabolism of the scalp cuticle too fast, it'll fall off the formation of dandruff.full lace wigs with baby hair is cheap now.


2 years ago

what is the motive for the formation of brazilian full lace wig?


due to the fact the current environmental pollutants, abnormal work and relaxation, existence pressure and different reasons, human beings have been very a lot troubled by way of dandruff. need to get rid of this problem fundamentally, we not simplest take note of in phrases of brazilian front lace wig care, however additionally the same emphasis on lifestyle.brazilian virgin hair sale Cheap brazilian virgin hair extensions.

A wholesome scalp maintain ecological stability by means of the three: oil, plants, metabolic stability. when balance issues stand up, it's going to have dandruff, the severity varies.


First, what is dandruff?

      Dandruff is medically known as scalp rosea is a skin disorder through the Malassezia (fungal one) induced. Malassezia caused in huge populace overgrowth on the scalp scalp cuticle, thus contributing to the stratum corneum cells shape an abnormal white or grey scales fall off, this losing of scales it's miles called dandruff. cause of dandruff is typically divided into two physiological dandruff dandruff rational and disorder.glueless full lace wigs is in discount now!


2 years ago

Conditioner ultimately what brazilian hair weave

brazilian front lace wig care products, the most commonplace is the conditioner, the store conditioner category, there are numerous, brazilian front lace wig conditioner in the end what? brazilian front lace wig care and maintenance can play any help? To study it!brazilian remy hair is great!

Conditioner has  foremost functions:

First, moisturize and easy. referred to as the cuticle layer of the brazilian front lace wig floor. Denser cuticle hair, the brighter the extra smooth. brazilian front lace wig after washing, dispose of the fats, pores will open, the space will boom, like this brazilian front lace wig will become tough. furthermore, the brazilian front lace wig should include the right quantity of moisture, but after oil has been washed away, water keeping capacity has reduced, the brazilian front lace wig may be smooth to dry. Then, follow conditioner care, mainly to fill the space cuticle, making it more smooth; silicone oils which also can help moisturizing elements. underneath is a photomicrograph of hair:


the second one role is to get rid of static electricity. After brazilian front lace wig is dry, if the air is very dry, it is simple to generate static strength, the brazilian front lace wig will bottle up, not submissive disobedient, but with an anionic surfactant element can put off static energy, the brazilian front lace wig more smooth.


Of path, the conditioner additionally often added nutrition B5 (panthenol), zinc pyrithione and other ingredients, the former can nourish the brazilian front lace wig and promote healthy hair, which can reduce dandruff - you could some of the opposite consequences of brazilian front lace wig care merchandise often we see these two components.So love brazilian virgin hair body wave.